Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  We’re hopeful and thrilled for a 2021 that – by all expectations – will be vastly better than 2020 was for many and we’re very excited to do our small (or big!) part to help make that happen for you!  We’ve seen a few businesses falter a bit, but many have weathered the storm and some have even seen some fantastic growth.  Whether you’re a business owner, waged employee, or just have retirement funds that are affected by the swings in the economy, we’re all happy the US and world economies look strong for the foreseeable future and the US tax laws are being written and re-written to help people like you and us!

With your and our growth on our minds, we are also proud to announce the addition of two new members of the Scroggins CPAs team: Tonya Hill and Heather Blackmon!  Tonya, an IRS Enrolled Agent, will be a primary tax return preparer and point of contact for tax preparation questions.  Heather Blackmon, a bookkeeper with over 25 years of experience, will be working with many of our small business clients to ensure the bookkeeping services we provide are done timely, completely, and correctly.  We’re thrilled to have both of these talented ladies as part of our team and we’re sure you’ll love working with them as well!

Finally, as we approach the 2021 tax filing season, another new and exciting addition to the Scroggins CPAs tax preparation process is the addition of our new Client Portal system and you should be receiving an email soon to register for your portal! All of your individual tax documents, as well as documents for any businesses that you are associated with, will be consolidated under a single login. You will also be able to securely upload documents directly to your files as well as retrieve sensitive documents directly from Scroggins CPAs.

As always, we absolutely appreciate your business, and we expect these and other internal changes will continue to improve your experience with us going forward!

Sincerely – Scroggins CPAs Team

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